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 Chefs Josh Simpson and  Alex Collins

Chefs Josh Simpson and Alex Collins

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Herb N' Roots is a dynamic catering service company that provides a unique dining experience for any event. With an emphasis on local and sustainable, and a flare for vegan and gluten-free cookery, chef Josh is reinventing traditional standards and striving to build long lasting relationships with the community and local purveyors.


 Serving events large and small

Serving events large and small


Let us bring some flavor to your party

Procuring ingredients from local sources, we cater to events large and small, crafting menus to fit any occasion.

We work with our clients' needs, contact us for menu ideas and price quotes  


Taco Bar

@ 15 per person W/ Chips & Beans n’ Rice

FILL the taco:Pork Caritas, Pulled Chicken and Vegan ‘Chorizo’

SOSS the taco:Boss Soss, Frogg Soss (tomatillo n green chilies), Chipotle Crème, Avocado Puree, Braves

DRESS the taco: Cotija & Shredded Jack Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Spicy pickled Jalapenos n Shredded carrots, Fresh Cilantro, Shredded Lettuce

Slider Bar

@ 16 per person; includes vegan kale Caesar salad

Between the Buns: Pulled pork, Mini angus beef patties and sloppy Jo-Annas (VG/GF)        

Soss it: aioli, garlic aioli, boss soss, honey mustard, Herb n’ Stone ground mustard and banana ketchup

Top it: Bacon jam, fried onions, Herb n’ pickled onions & cabbage, tomato, arugula, Brussel sprout relish, herb n’ pickles, shredded Jack cheese        


Meat n' Pickled Veggies @ $1 per person: Crostini's n' bread with Herb n' Stone ground mustard, Herb n' Vinaigrettes, balsamic reduction and olive tapenade

Seasonal Veggie Board @ $1 per person: Toasted Pitas w/ hummus, creamy tzatziki and avocado puree for dippins.

Fruit n' Cheese Board @ $1 per person: Crackers with spiced nuts, hummus & seasonal fruit


3peaks public house

Grab a pint and get some grub

Join us at 3Peaks public house for dinner service Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Check here to see what's on the menu for this week.


Vancouver Farmers Market


Join us for brunch on saturdays at the Vancouver Farmers Market, located at historical Esther Short park in downtown Vancouver, WA.  



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